“Richard gets things done, and gets them done well. I’ve worked with him for over twenty years and have yet to be faced with the job that confounds him.” Jeremy Leslie, Creative Director, magCulture

“Richard is a photographer I have had the pleasure of collaborating with on a number of projects. His images are excellent. Cleanness and spatial purity are Richard’s hallmarks. The moments he captures highlight ideas and vigour in dance so very succinctly. He is definitely one of my favourite dance photographers, always producing memorable shots.” Mark Baldwin, Artistic Director, Rambert Dance Company

“With Richard a beautifully precise interpretation of the brief is a given. The bonus is he always manages to come up with an extra dimension which makes his work so distinctive.” Ian Pendleton, Creative Director, Show Media

“Working with Richard is always inspiring and my regard for his work only grows stronger the more we work together. Capturing dance in photography requires a real sensitivity to the rhythms of movement. Richard always manages to catch the energy and the dynamic of dance at the right time.” Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company

“I have commissioned Richard for a number of interiors shoots and he does an excellent job. I enjoy working with him as he has a very flexible approach and is receptive to ideas enabling me to get all the shots I need – plus a few unexpected ones – which really capture the ideas behind the design. Not only is he technically very good, he is also quick and is able to produce amazing 360° QuickTime movies which add an extra dimension to my website.” Jonathan Clark, Jonathan Clark Architects